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      RKB (short for: Reinforcement Kingdom of the Best), is a high-end audio brand from Germany. From its birth till now, it is always highly praised by all the users. has successfully become the domestic production base of RKB Pro Audio. With the advanced technology from Germany, as well as intensive spirit of commitment to professional audio, professional amplifier, and other audio products, RKB Pro Audio has set up a modern enterprise, which concludes “research and development”, “design”, “production” and “sales”.
      RKB Pro Audio owns an excellent team with well-educated and skillful staffs, providing clients with high-quality professional audio products and extremely warm service. We control every step of the design and production process, so as to maintain a consistently high level of product quality and performance. We have totally 3 plants to fabricate our own cabinets, and stuff our own crossover boards. Before products are packing up, we test, retest and re-re-test every component to make sure the sound system is perfect.
      On the way of internationalizing our brand, we will continue to keep the good quality, to facilitate production of scale, and to standardize our management. We will carry out the business philosophy of honesty, professionalism, quality priority, and customer-orientation, to make RKB Pro Audio to be our mutually beneficial resource with our business partners.

      In the future, RKB Pro Audio will keep providing amazing feature sound systems at prices that fit everyone’s budget. Welcome to join our music world, where you will get the most competitive pro audio products!